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Welcome to Blue Morpho Body and Mind Centre. We offer professional counselling and massage therapies in central location in Edinburgh. When you visit our Centre you are welcomed by a calm and warm atmosphere. You are always acknowledged and respected. We do our best for each person who comes towards us.

Our aim is to embrace, encourage, and assist with healing on all levels inclusive of Mind, Body, and Spirit. We emphasize empowerment, holistic health, uniqueness of every individual, personal growth and spirituality.

Blue Morpho Body and Mind Centre has been established to promote a holistic approach to human health. We put a strong emphasis on achieving optimal mind, body and spiritual wellness. We believe that ill health is a process that can be transformed into a valuable growth and life-changing experience. Body, mind and spirit are considered to be interconnected and any balance disruption can lead to suffering of any kind. In working with the client, the therapist considers herself/himself a therapeutic partner and journey companion towards healing and joy. The therapist, through genuine caring, provides specific therapies and guidance that result in the client's ability to accept responsibility for, and to recognize and claim his or her own power to heal.


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Massage Therapies

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